TALENTAKER #1 finished

Finally i finished this manga. But its still have a long way to go... Actually I am not satisfied with this, but it helps me to spot my weakness on drawing.. It will be published on 3rd issue of TENSIONACADEMY. And I still have one manga left for that issue which I havent finished yet. But I think I'll do it after I finished my on9 manga which i will upload it here for all to read.. It's also a part of my training to sharpen my skill on drawing and storyline. Please wait for it. I promise it won't be long. Thankyou for those who followed my blog, I really appreciate it. Love u all.

My 2nd and big manga project for TENSIONACADEMY: TALENTAKER

I have put all my effort and hopes in this manga. I want to make it a big hit but as a newbie, I don't know is the story is great enough. I just hope readers can understand the stories. Well, this is a series manga. The story is about a young boy, Kyle obtain his super natural power from a devil. He uses the power to complish his dream- to be a manga-ka. He absorbs other pro manga-ka's talents and kill them.... No one knows the truth until the number of the dead are increasing... How are you going to stop this serial killer.......? Please wait until it published....

This one is under the publisher so i can't upload it here. It will be published on the 3rd issue of TENSIONACADEMY. Hope u will buy it to read this. I'll try my best to make the story interesting. lol


This is my 1st manga for tensionacademy magazine. It will be publish on the 2nd issue. I don't know when this magazine will start publish. This manga is about a frog who have falled in love with a fairy. This idea came when I am in suffered of abreak up with my ex girlfriend. I think I have expressed my feelings in this story... Well, now I just wait for it to be published and hopefully many will like it... I just can't wait to see my 1st manga to be published.. Hahaha

innoc3nt21 online manga

Welcome to my online manga blog. I will upload my own manga here. This is one of my step to become a well known mangaka. It is free to read. I will do my best and hopefully you all will love it..